McCollum Construction takes great pride in Specializing of Complete Customer Satisfaction
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McCollum Construction (MC) specializes in providing outstanding contracting  knowledge to give my customers the best built high quality homes, complete satisfaction and pride in home ownership.

If style and saving money while building a home, is important, McCollum Construction company is for you. Times are changing and saving money is what it's all about. For twenty years a helper and I would frame a house sometimes taking months to completely dry-in the larger homes, but now that's not feasible any more. Now I have a large framing crew that can frame a house in 5 to 7 days with all the fancy roof lines, plus 4 or 5 different ceiling styles & heights, 2x6 exterior walls. This change alone is saving my customers thousands of dollars on their construction cost.

I draw the blue prints on every house that I build and work with my crews to make sure everything is perfect. The job moves along faster and we can spend more time giving attention to all the detail work that sets our homes apart from everyone else.

 For the last 4 years I've had a Interior decorator out of Jackson working with me. My customers love her and My homes look like
something out of a magazine. 

McCollum Construction is a licensed and insured builder in the State of Tennessee. We build both Custom homes and do Simple or Super Re-Models of older homes. This gives my potential customers additional options that helps set us apart from many contractors. We want to give my customers as much as possible for their money, so we take great pride in the extra quality and engineered efficiencies that we put into every home we build. 

We take great pride in dealing with each customer with honesty and with professionalism during each building project.  We are a customer based builder and want to eliminate any stress or worry that you as a client may have in building a custom home or having your older home remodeled.  We will work with you all the way on any project from a new home, super re-model, or a small repair.

Please review our web-site to get a quick look at some of our company's quality workmanship and to see some of our designs.