Build It Green

Energy Efficient Homes  -  Our
homes go green all the way.  In fact we have been building our homes with most of the Go Green features since the 1980s. We are committed to giving our clients only very energy efficient homes. Most of our Custom homes are built with 6” walls using
R-21 blown in cellulose insulation.  The wall insulation is a special process utilizing a wet process that cuts off cold spots and improves overall energy efficiency.  A minimum of R-38 blown cellulose insulation (about 1 foot of insulation) is used in the ceiling. We recommend and use only Energy Star, Low-E, R-Rated Windows and Doors
with ultraviolet protection windows, in order to reduce sun damage.  These windows and doors help by reducing heating and cooling loss.

We are utilizing the latest technology in central heat & air systems, seer rating going as high as 20 seer and constantly increasing.  There are a lot of different types of Central Heat & Air Systems, Gas, Electric, Water source, and which ever type you choose, we will research it and help you find the most efficient for your budget.

We can save a lot of money on your utility bills with all of the new fluorescent light bulbs, so we try to help our customers pick out the correct light fixtures to accommodate the newer bulbs.

We have been using Styrofoam and styrene insulation on conventional foundations for 20 years, inside on the concrete block walls.  Now we are doing it on the slab foundations inside and outside between the blocks and the brick up to floor level.

We are doing more and more slab foundation homes.  The are very energy efficient.  Everyone likes the cost savings with all the tile and laminates, it is a lot cheaper.  It saves lots of money on foundation cost(reduces brick & block quantities) plus the mature group loves not climbing all the steps to enter the home. 

My main concern when we started doing these slabs was the plumbing.  I have heard a lot of nightmare stories, so that is why I sleeve all my water pipes and we do not install them until the roof is on.  So if there is a problem you could replace a pipe and not spend a fortune.  We put a main cut-off in the house, cut-offs at every fixture, to make it easy when you do have a plumbing issue.