Re-Models and Additions



We know that several people cannot build a new home or leave their present home because it is next to their parents or it was a home that has been in their family, or they like their present lot and location but they don't really like the way the home is designed. We can remodel that house with higher ceilings, new kitchen, and baths and add on a nice master suite with bath.  Or maybe add a sunroom or just add space on the house to make it to be more comfortable and fit your lifestyle. We can incorporate many new and exciting features that we put into our new houses plus make the house more efficient to heat and cool.

There are so many new products on the market that help make re-model a great alternative  to building a new home.  This is something we would be glad to review and help you to decide if re-modeling is a better way to make your life better without building new and see if it is cost effective.